Mahatma Gandhi Nrega Yojana Details, Objective, Features

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana Details, Objective, Wage Based Model of this Yojana, Features. Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana History, Geographic Information System MNREGA.

The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana was initiated on 7th September 2005. The Purpose of this Yojana is to provide assured employment to the rural families. Its objective is to evolve the livelihood security and encourage sustainable development in rural areas by guarantee minimum one hundred days of pay employment in a financial year to every household that need work.

Mahatma Gandhi Nrega Yojana

The Indian central Government approved a law known as the NREGA, National Rural Development Guarantee Act 2005. This Act was approved for the right to work in Two hundred districts of India. It is also known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Development Guarantee (Act 2005). People who are capable to work and are working are assured one hundred days of job in a year under this act by the government. And if the government fails to provide job then the unemployment allowance will be provided to the people.

Now you will acquire all the Details of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana online only, In order to acquire all the necessary details, If a person have worked in NREGA then they will not have to wander here and there at all and will not have to face a lot of problems. If any person is not getting the money duly, then you can acquire the full details regarding the job card from the MNREGA official portal which is

Other than this, People will also be able to eliminate the data of their job card. And if they are not obtaining the money, then you can also complain through online.

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Overview of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana is a payment employment initiative to assist the rural people living below poverty. Many schemes are being operated under this Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme program of the government of the government.

Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies are a productive way to assemble, Reserve and examine Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Assets (Watersheds, Agricultural Reservoirs, Recharge Reservoirs, Check Dams, Roads, Layers, Irrigation Channels, etc). Acts as a tool applying Geographic Information system in the area of Asset Management, Understanding the geographical outlook of Assets and effectual management of assets can be enhanced.

Dimensional Location is the principal ordinary aspect in all the assets GIS Mapping of all the assets under MGNREGA can do with the details for future work and taking suitable choices.

Article AboutMahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana Online Apply Process
Scheme NameMahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana
DepartmentMinistry of Rural Development
Launched ByCentral Government
Launch Date25th August 2005
BeneficiaryVillage Laborers
ObjectiveEmploy Laborers


The Chief Motive of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana is to provide employment security to people in rural areas and adult members of rural family who want to work of their own free will, all rural laborers. One hundred days of assured payment employment is given to Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana Wage employment. And Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Program is financing many yojanas to assist the rural people living below poverty.


  • One hundred Days wage-employment Guarantee.
  • In each financial year, such employment opportunities will be provided.
  • Only the eligible people from the rural households will be able to get the employment under this yojana.
  • The applicant must be above Eighteen years old.
  • Govt will provide employment within fifteen days from the application date.
  • If the govt fails to provide employment with the mentioned days then the applicant will be provided the unemployment allowances.
  • The applicant will be provided work not over five kms of his / her residence address.
  • Those people who are employed for hundred days will be paid minimum wages.
  • Men and women both will get equal right to work and will be paid equal pay.
  • All enrolled for MNREGA will be provided job cards.

MNREGA Scheme Registration and Verification Details

  • If a person wants to work under the NREGA Scheme, then they can visit to the Gram Panchayat. And can apply for this scheme.
  • On the receipt of the application for job under MNREGA Scheme by the Gram Panchayat, a verification procedure will be completed. This process will take approximately fourteen days for filled in application from the Receipt date. Beneath are some of the points to be confirmed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme.
  • Double Checking of the specified house i.e. if it is genuine or not.
  • Confirmation of the Gram Panchayat where the house is Located.
  • Confirmation of applications being members of that specific House.

What is the Wage Based Model of this Yojana?

Every worker will be rewarded a specified prearranged amount on the basis of work. There is no monthly pay. In a day, a person would work for a few hours and he or she will be rewarded for the labor at the day end. During calculate the daily payment there are some following things: –

  • Adversity size of the task,
  • Total Working Hours,
  • Everyday livelihood cost according to the current economic state.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Yojana History

  • On the 25th August 2005, The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, also known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Yojana, is an Indian Law approved.
  • The MGNREGA gives guarantee for job of one hundred days in every financial year.
  • To make ready adult person of any rural family to do public work associated untrained physical work at a proper lowest payment. The ministry of rural development, Government in India is observing the general execution of this NREGA yojana in alliance with the state govt.
  • This act was presented with the purpose of enhancing the obtaining power of the rural people.

Geographic Information System MNREGA

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Geographic Information system (GIS) Solution named as Jio MGNREGA targets to give an individual and united access to benefit detail system over the rural India.

Jio MNREGA was released on 1st Sep 2016. These added photo geo tagging of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA fulfilled benefits utilizing mobile application. The Ministry has signed MOU with national remote sensing centre, Indian Space Research Organization, giving technological help.

National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) has evolved Mobile Application and web portal to exhibit Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Assets. The JIO MGNREGA Bhuvan Portal (e-governance) acts as a gateway and helps the allocation. And unity of geospatial data during stakeholders from distinct regional levels in the Local Data section.

With the help of this, the uses will be able to explore, discover and issue geospatial data and simplify the requirements of diverse user groups. The GIS authorized portal serves the portal conservation process, storage and distribution, enhancing the use of geospatial data for planners, choice makers and the public.

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