Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat Detailed Information, Benefits

Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat Detailed Information, Objective, Required Documents, Benefits.

Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat

The Gujarat State Government has started the Mafat Plot Yojana for the poor people and laborers of the Gujarat State. Under this yojana, 100 free plots of land will be provided to the farm laborers. Backward people and rural artisans who are living in the different villages of the Gujarat State.

The beneficiary will be provided the 100 square meter free plot under this yojana. All those people of the Gujarat state who are living below the poverty line in the rural areas of the Gujarat. And are landless agricultural laborers. And artisans will be given the benefit of this scheme by the govt of the State.

In India, the government housing program Mafat Plot Yojana was released to provide low-income households acquire to low-priced housing options. The program was begin with the purpose of lifting the living standards of those people who face problem to even get the basic needs such as housing.

The execution of the program is given the government supports with financing and resources. And that has the capacity to not only provide people in need houses as well as to make employment and raise the nation’s economy.

Overview of the Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat

Article AboutMafat Plot Yojana Gujarat Detailed Information
Name of the SchemeMafat Plot Yojana
ImplementationGujarat Government
ObjectiveProviding Plots to Landless Laborers Free of Cost
BeneficiaryIt is used by the Laborers of Rural Areas who don’t have plots
Benefit100 Chorus War Plot for Free
Application ModeOffline


The motive behind launching this yojana by the Gujarat government is to give houses to the poor village artisans and agricultural laborers who are landless. Who are living Below the BPL line in the rural areas of the State. The program provides its contributors and the groups in which it works a number of benefits. The accessibility of reasonable housing lessen destitution and elevate the living standard of living for families with moderate incomes. Mafat Plot Scheme has the capability to upgrade the lives of low-income families in India and Contribute to the country’s economic and social development.

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Eligibility Criteria

Under this Mafat Plot Yojana low income families with yearly incomes beneath a definite threshold are capable to connect. This cap is regularly set by the govt and may convert depending on things like the living cost in a specific region and the accessibility of resources.

Applicants for the Mafat Plot Yojana must usually be locals of the region in which the program is being executed. This makes it effortless to ensure that the program’s benefits are pointed against individuals. Who are most in requirement of them and who will most benefit from the improved housing and structure. Based on how the plan is executed particularly, occupation criteria may also involve a minimum amount of time that an applicant must have spent in the region.

Applicants for the Mafat plot yojana must usually be first-time house buyer in order to meet the program’s property ownership criteria. This is done to ensure that people who most require an acquire to accessible housing choices obtain the benefit of the program. Individuals or families who have never owned a house or who haven’t owned one in a definite amount of time, like the last 5 years, perhaps examine first-time home buyer.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card of the Applicant,
  • Annual Income Certificate of the Applicant,
  • Applicant should not have any land Including their house.
  • He must be rural laborer or artisan.
  • Beneficiary must be of Pukhtvay. That is, the applicant must not be a Sagir.
  • Applicant must included in BPL Yadi.
  • By The Mamlatdar or taluka development officer, the annual income certificate must be given.


  • The advantage of this scheme will be given to the people who don’t have plot.
  • Applicant must not have any land on their name (including their home) and also not on their families members name.
  • Beneficiary must be an adult.
  • Laborer or artisans from the rural areas can apply under this yojana.
  • The people who come from the rural areas with socio-economic and caste-based census-2011 eligible family or state or center are able for govt housing support.
  • On the name of their spouse, there must be no house and plot.
  • People must have lived in the village for minimum one year.

Important Details for Mafat Plot Yojana Application

  • Person must meet the Eligibility Criteria, adding the residency, income, property ownership etc.
  • Some documents are required for the evidence of identity such as Residency Proof, Income Proof, and Other Required Documents.
  • The person have to submit the application form along with the required documents to the local authorities tasked with implementing Mafat Plot Yojana. A person can select Online or offline mode.
  • Person have to wait for the local authorities approval of their application. This wait maybe of Months or some weeks, it depends on the scheme’s specific implementation and number of applications. A person will be allocated a parcel of land for the construction of their residence, if the application is approved.
  • It is essential to consider that the exact application process for Mafat Plot Yojana can vary depending on the scheme’s execution. And awaited applicants should ask local authorities for details on the application process in their area.


How a person can apply for the Mafat Plot Yojana?

  • The interested people can make their registration through offline mode.

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