Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana 2023 Online Apply

Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana 2023 Online Apply, Indira Gandhi Sheri Employment Scheme Benefits. Documents, 125 Days Employment, Works Allowed Under this scheme, Guidelines, Objective. When was Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Scheme was Launched?

The government often release and runs various Yojanas to provide employment to the citizens of our country. under these scheme, many types of training programs are also organized to provide better job opportunities to the people. In the below article, we have provided the details about the scheme called Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana. Under this scheme, the employment for only 100 days will be provided in the urban areas on the lines of MNREGA for demanding work. So if you want to know about this scheme in details, then go through the complete article.

Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana

The Rajasthan State Government has released this scheme India Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Scheme. The people who will apply under this scheme, will be provided the Employment for 100 days on the work demanded on the lines of MNREGA in urban areas. For the fulfilment of this scheme around 800 crore rupees will be spent.

Initially this scheme was operated only in the rural areas but now it is going to be implemented in the urban areas also. The urban areas citizens will be provided the employment near their house. With the help of this scheme the unemployed citizens who are living in urban areas, their living standards will increase.

Indira Gandhi Sheri Employment Guarantee Scheme 125 Days Employment

The CM of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot has also permitted the plan of executing this scheme in the urban areas. under this scheme, earlier only for 100 days the employment is being provided to the citizens. But now from the 1st April 2023 onwards, the employment for 125 days will be provided to the citizens. The total financial burden of 1100 crores, government have to bear for the implementation of this scheme.

Initially the government only has to bear Rs. 800 crore financial burden when the employment of only 100 days has been provided. But now the government is provided employment of 125 days which is 25 more days than before so the financial burden cost also raises to the Rs. 1100 crores. All the people who wants to get the benefit under this scheme, have to apply by using their Jan Aadhaar Card.

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Overview of Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Scheme 2023

Name of the SchemeIndira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Scheme
Initiated throughRajasthan Government
BeneficiaryCitizens of Rajasthan state
ObjectiveTo provide employment to the Rajasthan citizens who lives in urban areas
Registration ModeOnline and Offline

On the 9th September 2022, this Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Scheme has been started by the CM Ashok Gehlot in the Rajasthan’s all Municipal Bodies. It is stated by the CM Ashok Gehlot through tweet that in accord with the budget declaration on the lines of MNREGA, that to provide financial help to the state’s urban areas families. Specifically the financially weak, helpless and jobless families. Indira Gandhi urban Rojgar guarantee yojana is being started to confirm employment.

The employment of 100 Days will be provided under this scheme to the eligible citizens of the Urban Areas. In the work of like environmental protection, heritage protection, removal of encroachment, water conservation, maintenance of gardens and illegal boards/ holdings/ banners etc. This employment, will be provided to the citizens. so the people have to make there registration by visiting to their municipal body or any Emitra Center.


The chief objective of Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Yojana 2023 is to given guaranteed job to the urban area citizen of the Rajasthan. Now, the rural as well as urban area people of Rajasthan can get the benefit of this scheme. The successful secure job will be given in the country through this scheme. And other then this, the living standards of the people will also develop with the help of this scheme. Indira Gandhi Rojgar Guarantee Yojana will make urban areas people self-reliant.


  • The Rajasthan State government have launched this Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme. Beneficiaries will get the 100 days employment under this scheme. And this is be provided on the work demanded on the lines of Mnrega in urban areas.
  • Around Rs. 800 crore will be spent for the implementation of this scheme by the government.
  • The citizens of the urban areas do not have to go far from their residence to do job because this employment will be provided to them near their residence.
  • The living standard of the people will become advance.
  • Initially, this scheme was only operated in the rural areas of the state but not it is also implemented in the urban areas.
  • The 25 days employment spending will be borne by the Rajasthan government. And for that around Rs 700 crore expenditure will be carried by the Rajasthan state govt.
  • The scheme is a sort of of Indian labor law and social security estimate.
  • The employment days has been increase from 100 days to 125 days by the Rajasthan government.
  • In the 1991, this scheme was planned by the Mnrega and was approved in the 2006 parliament.
  • The scheme has been executed in every district of the country.
  • This is said that this scheme is the world’s biggest and most aspiring social security and public works scheme.

Required Documents

  • Only the permanent resident of Rajasthan State can Apply,
  • Address proof is required,
  • Aadhar Card,
  • Passport Size photograph,
  • Email id,
  • Phone number,
  • Income Certificate,
  • And other important documents.

When was Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar Guarantee Scheme was Launched?

The Indira Gandhi Sheri Rojgar guarantee yojana 2023 is launched by the Rajasthan State Government on 9th Sep. the budget of Rs. 800 crore was ensured for the 2022-23 financial year, under this scheme. So that the jobs will be provided to the jobless people of the Rajasthan state people who live in urban areas. The municipal bodies will implement this scheme.

More than three lakh people form the more than 2 lakh families has been issued the job cards by registering till now, under this scheme. Through the government, these card holders will get 100 days employment. The budget has also been allocated, For all the municipal bodies. People can make their registration through Jan Aadhaar Card for this scheme.

How to Apply Online for Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana?

  • Firstly, visit to the official website of this scheme.
  • Then, click on the “application for the work on which we are present” option.
  • A new page will open.
  • Enter your jan aadhaar card and jan aadhaar enrolment ID.
  • Then provide all the asked details in the application form.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • Click on submit.

Works Allowed Under Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee Yojana

  • Open the website of this scheme.
  • On the homepage, click on the “work allowed in the scheme we are on” option.
  • A new page will open.
  • You will see the list of all the work allowed work in the yojana.
  • Click on the work as per your wish option and you will be able to see other information also.

Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme

At the time of Budget statement, the government of Rajasthan state has also declared to make 100 days of job under MNREGA scheme (Rural) to 125 days. Through the state government, the spending of 25 days of employment will be endured. For which the spending of around Rs 700 crore will be supported by the Rajasthan government. The Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Urban Rojgar Guarantee scheme is a sort of Indian labor law and social security estimate. Using this yojana, minimum 100 days of Rojgar is given in a financial year to maximize the safety of job in rural areas.

In the 1991 the MNREGA was planned and was approved in 2006 parliament. This scheme is started in almost all the district of the country. It is said that it is the world’s greatest yojana and most determined public works and social security scheme. Besides, this scheme was also called a encouraging indication of rural advancement by the world bank in the 2014 development report.

Guidelines of the Scheme

New guidelines for the Indira Gandhi urban Rojgar scheme has been issued by the CM of Rajasthan. In 2022 budget, the announcement has been made that 100 days of job per year would be made available to the families who are living in Urban areas, under this scheme. And the government will spent Rs 800 for this scheme. The people who are between 18 to 60 years of age and live in local body area can make their registration by using their Jan Aadhaar card under this scheme.

At the district, state and body level, the work will be accepted and implemented via committees. The ratio of labor and material cost for approval and implementation of works which will be of common nature will be 25:75. And for those special nature work, the material cost and remuneration payment ration will be 75:25.

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