Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply and Offline Apply Process

Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply and Offline Apply Process, Documents, Types, What is Encumbrance Certificate? What is the Requirement of Encumbrance Certificate? Difference Between EC, CC and OC.

In the below article you will get to know about the Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply. We have discussed each and every detail about encumbrance certificate in the below article.

What is Encumbrance Certificate?

The Encumbrance Certificate also known as EC is a kind of document which is used as a proof to know that whether the property is free from financial and legal issues. If any person wish to identify that whether the property is autonomous from any lawful and monetary issues then they have to discover regarding the encumbrance certification of that property. This document is required at the time of selling or purchasing a property or when appealing for a home loan or loan opposed to property. This legally issued paper express that the property is not under any economical and legal accountability.

This documents also gives the details about the previous owners of the property and also the status of the property. It express the change of ownership in the former times and all the debt bindings of the property. If the debt of the property is not finalized that that property can not get the EC Certificate. And also at the time of registering for loan to purchase property, then that time this EC is observed in the panchayat office, if the owner of the property has not paid land tax to the govt in the former 3 years.

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What is the Requirement of Encumbrance Certificate?

Whenever a person wish to sell or purchase a property or they want to registering for a loan against property or wants to apply for home loan then they have to verity that the property is autonomous of all kind of economic or legal obligation. At that time this Encumbrance Certificate works as evidence of free possession of property.

Types of Encumbrance Certificate

There are many types of Encumbrance Certificate Such as: –

Lien: –

The Lien EC is a very ordinary type of Encumbrance, it can be put down on a property to get a monetary obligation from the houseowner like a debt. The lien continues on the property till the debt is completely remunerate. It can also add tax liens for due taxes. Besides, a contractor can get a lien when they have not acquire deposit for renovation done to the property. If the lien is not contented, it can cause to the expropriate of the house, with the proceeds of the selling proceeding toward the payment of the debts of the owner’s.

Deed Restriction: –

A deed restriction puts a limitation on what can be done to the property. It is also called as restrictive covenant. The restriction can be whatever from prohibiting placing a satellite on the roof to selecting where cars can be parked. It can also restrict the establishment of anything on the land. Deed restrictions assist make a standard for what the property can be used for and are frequently used to secure the property worth. The limitations are normally put down on properties with ancient relevance.

Easement: –

An easement provides a person or organization the right to operate the property even through they don’t possess it. For example, a adequacy company might acquire an easement to place power grids on a farmer’s property. A usual easement is one that permits the holder of an adjoining property to utilize the driveway of another property for obtain. One more ordinary easement is one that resides when an ordinary roadway to the beach gash across one owner’s property. The easement is on the land, not the property independently.

Encroachment: –

An encroachment subsist when a segment of one property expands over to an adjoining property. This can involve, for example, a barrier that is put up along with the alongside property or a tree branch that swings over a neighboring property. Generally, the property possessor encroached upon will want the encroachment to be eliminated, as an encroachment frequently makes it difficult to shift their property title to a new holder.

Required Documents

  • Application Form,
  • Address Proof Attested Copy,
  • particular related the property and its title details,
  • A copy of any formerly implemented action of the said property such as sale deeds, partition deeds, release deeds etc.
  • The registered deed number, book number, Date, Volume/CD Number, and signature of the applicant must be connected with it.
  • term for which the EC is essential.
  • The motive for which the EC is appealed for
  • Copy of power of attorney, in case of application, is created by the attorney owner.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Property card if accessible.

Encumbrance Certificate Applying Process

  • A person can apply for Encumbrance Certificate through two ways online and offline.

Offline Applying Process for Encumbrance Certificate

If you want to apply for the Encumbrance Certificate via the offline mode, then you can simply complete with application number 22 in the chambers of a sub-registrar. There are numerous states who seek this procedure and work with handwritten contracts. The candidates also have to provide their self attested copies of their records at the time of registration for this certificate like the property papers, address proof, registration papers etc. and other required documents are also need to be provided like of any action or exchange.

And also, a person must know that the fee to register for an encumbrance certificate differs from state to state. It would be best if you also recall that it is only reasonable for a particular time and requirements to be amended and modernize every few years, as its term finish at the time you register for an Encumbrance certificate. If you have forgotten over revising your property’s EC or are now making an Encumbrance Certificate of your property, you should first require to aid the nil Encumbrance Certificate. NEC is a document declaring your property’s situation in the pause term between two Encumbrance Certificates.

Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply

There are only few state for which you can apply for EC through Online and those states are: –

  • Telangana,
  • Gujarat,
  • Tamil Nadu,
  • Kerala,
  • Andhra Pradesh,
  • Karnataka,
  • Odisha,
  • Puducherry.

If you are applying for the EC in any of this above-mentioned state then you can follow the steps that we have provided below. To make registration you have to visit to the official website of that respective state. Here we are taking the example of Karnataka state.

  • Visit to the official website of Karnataka i.e. https://kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in
  • Then, click on the Register as new user button.
  • After that, complete the registration form.
  • Click on the register button to submit it.
  • In order to make your login, use the activation code.
  • Click on activate.
  • Do login and change the password.
  • Click on the tab of Services and select Option Online EC.
  • Select the year of property registration (Details post- 2003 only are available)
  • Enter all the required details regarding the property.
  • After this, click on the Option of Send OTP to view Document.
  • You will receive the OTP. You have to enter the same OTP on the asked place.
  • You can see as well as download the document.

Difference Between EC, CC and OC

  • Encumbrance Certificate: – A lawful Document that guarantee a piece of property is free by debts or burden is known as an encumbrance certificate.
  • Completion Certificate: – A Completion certificate, which is a lawful document, is announced when a construction is completed according the construction aim and other identification.
  • Occupancy Certificate: – A lawful document that guarantee the building is now protected to enter is called an occupancy certificate. It is provided after acquiring the CC.

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