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Belift Lab is a South Korean Media Company. This label has been Founded together by CJ ENM and Hybe. This label has been initiated with the aim of grow K-pop groups aiming the global market to operate the mainstreaming of K-POP while reappraise and initiating the label business. This record label was founded on 17th September 2018 and its parent Organization is HYBE. Kim Tae-ho is the CEO of this label.

Belift Lab Audition

Belift Girl Group Audition 2023 has been started. If you are interested to give the audition then you must read this complete article till end. This audition is open for all the people around the world. There is no restriction on nationality or a person or religion or a person. The candidates only have to be born between 2001 to 2009 and only this audition is only for girls. There will be three rounds in this this audition will be held. First will be application review round, second will be closed audition and third will be the final audition, a candidates who will clear all the previous round and will clear this final round too, will be selected as a successful applicant. After this they just have to sign a trainee contract with the Belift Lab company.

If you are a fan of K-pop music and listen to the K-pop music then you must have heard about the Belift Lab. If you are looking for the opportunity of giving an audition for the K-pop entertainment companies then here is a good new for all of you then the Belift Lab online Audition has been started. In the below article, you will get the complete details then how you can apply for the audition registration. Read the complete article to know all the details regarding Belift Lab 2023 Audition such as its eligibility criteria, age requirements, required categories.

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Eligibility Criteria of Belift Lab Girls Audition 2023

Knowing the Eligibility Criteria before applying for the Audition Registration is necessary. Because there are some necessary criteria that you must know before apply for the Belift Lab 2023 Audition. There is a specific gender and age criteria. Read the details below: –

  • This audition is only for the Females candidates. So only females will be able to apply for this audition.
  • The candidates must be born between 2001 to 2009.
  • There is no specific nationality or region requirement. All the people from any country or region can apply for this audition.

Belift Audition 2023 Application Last Date

This Audition is open from the first day of every month to the 15th Midnight (Korean Standard Timing). And if any application will be submitted after the midnight of 15th then those applications will not be reviewed.

Categories for Belift Entertainment Monthly Online Audition 2023

In order to give the audition for Belift Lab you have select any one category from the Vocals (singing) or rap or dance.

  • Vocal (Singing): – if candidate is selecting singing as their category then they must be very good in singing. Their singing skills must be very good.
  • Rap: – if a candidates is choosing Rap as their category, then they have to do rap in their audition video and have to upload their rap video with their application form. This video must not be edited or blur. The video must be clear and natural.
  • Dance: – if the person select dance as their category for the audition then, she must have very good and high energetic in her dance. Again, the dance video must not be edited or blur. It should be natural and clear.

Application Process of Belift Lab Global Audition 2023

First Audition: – In the first audition candidates have to submit their Applications on the official link for the application submit of this audition and then their application will be reviewed by the belief lab team.

Second Audition: – after the Application review, a closed audition will be held for the people who will clear the first audition.

Third and Final Audition: – the candidates who will pass in this third / last audition too, will be announced as the final successful applicants.

And after this the trainee contract will take place. Candidates who will pass all these three audition will be asked to sign a trainee contract with the company. And after that the candidate will be trained under the company to become a next kpop idol.

Application Submission Details

There are two languages for the application submission which are Korean and English. Candidates can select any language from these two languages to submit their application.

Belift Lab Audition Results

All those candidates who will clear all the auditions successfully, they will be contacted individually by the company.

Belift LAB Global Girl Group Audition 2023 Registration

  • Firstly, visit to the official website of Belift Lab.
  • Then, select the apply for audition.
  • You will see two options on your device screen. These options are “apply for audition (Korean)”, “apply for audition (international)”.
  • Once you select any one of these options. Then, a new page will open.
  • Here, select your gmail account.
  • After this, if you are from Korea then select “yes”, or  if you are not and select “no”.  
  • A new page will open.
  • Here read all the details which have been displayed on your screen. Read these terms and conditions carefully.
  • And after this just complete your belift lab audition application registration.


Is the application can be updated or changed after its submission?

  • No, once you have submitted your application then you will not be able to make changes or update your application.

If a person failed in an audition, can they re-apply for an audition?

  • Yes, you will be able to re-apply for your audition.

Do international candidates can also apply for this audition?

  • Yes, candidates from any country or any religion or any language can apply for this audition.

What is the eligibility to apply for Belift Lab 2023 Audition?

  • Candidates must be a girl and must be born between 2001 to 2009.

Where will the second audition held, if you pass the first audition?

  • The candidates who will pass the first audition, they will be sent the second audition related detailed instructions individually.

Is uploading video with your first audition application form is necessary?

  • Yes, you have to provide all the correct details which have been asked in the application form and also have to upload the video, it is mandatory. To ensure a fair review process, you must provide all the asked details.

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