How to Apply Online For Pet Dog License In Gurgaon?

How to Apply Online/Registration For Dog License Gurgaon? How to Register Pet Dog in Gurgaon? get the complete details, eligibility, and important details.

The Gurugram Municipal Corporation has directed the owners of the pet dogs to register their dogs in the municipal restriction in the Gurugram. The unlisted dogs will be taken into the charge.

The MCG has now provided the registration forms for providing the license for the pet dogs in the areas under its authority.

Imp Details you have to Fill in the Form for Registration

  • Name of the dog,
  • Gender of the dog,
  • Breed,
  • Dog’s immunisation details (vaccination card),
  • Dog’s age and colour,
  • Owners of the pet dog have to attach a mandatory sterilisation certificate if the dog is of 4 years old or above 4 years old.
  • Dog’s two passport size photographs,
  • One photo of dog with its owner,
  • Owner’s id proof having local address,
  • Dog’s health certificate for veterinarian,
  • If the pet dog is of foreign breed then attach the pet book, relevant documents in the name of importer.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All the people who wants to bring the pet dog in their home they are eligible to apply.
  • A person must be 18 or above 18 years of age.
  • To get the dog licence, the vaccination against rabies is pre-reqisite. This is in the interest of public and animal health.
  • Per family more than 2 dogs are not allowed.

How to Register Pet Dog In Gurgaon?

  • All the people who wants to apply for the pet dog registration in Gurgaon they have to visit to the office of deputy municipal commissioner gurugram in sector 34.
  • Get the form from their.
  • Fill the form completely and correctly.
  • Attach the required documents with the form.
  • Then, submit the form.
  • Do the payment of fee for the application.
  • The registration fee that the pet owner have to pay will be Rs. 500.
  • Owner will be accordingly notified.

How to Apply Online for Fresh License or Renewal of License for Pet Dog Registration?

If you wants to apply for the pet dog renewal license or fresh license Registration in Gurgaon then follow the below provided steps: –

  • Visit to the official website of Saral Haryana Portal
  • Fill the details in the form correctly.
  • Follow and complete the further process.
  • And then submit it.  

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