Myaadhaar Portal Update Aadhaar Card Online, Grievance Apply and Status Check

Myaadhaar Portal Update Aadhaar Card Online, How to File a Complaint on Myaadhaar Portal? How to Track Grievance Status?, Benefits.

The UIDAI or unique identification Authority of India, has decided to make it free for people to upgrade their Aadhaar details through online. lots of people will be benefited with this effort, as per the Ministry of Electronics and IT. free service will be offered from 15th March to 14th June 2023. According to the government, this free service is only free on the Portal Myaadhaar and will carry on with the cost of Rs. 50 at real Aadhaar centers. In order to acquire the complete details, read below article. You will get the details like Myaadhaar Portal Update Aadhar Card Online, highlights of Myaadhaar Portal, its benefits, features, how  to file a complaint, how to update Aadhaar documents on the Myaadhaar Portal, track the grievance status, and other details.

Myaadhaar Portal Update Aadhaar Card Online

Aadhaar Number have become Broadly acknowledged as a method of justifying the identity of an individual’s in India over the past 10 years. Aadhaar-based identification is being utilized for service delivery is near to 1,200 government projects and programs, which are regulated by both the central as well as state governments. The Aadhaar management organization which is the UIDAI, has made it feasible for Aadhaar Documents to be upgraded for free online for the following three months on the Myaadhaar portal.

To recertify their demographic details, especially if their Aadhaar was acknowledged more than ten years ago and was at no time updated, the UIDAI has been insisting people to upload identification Proof and address documents proof. It should be highlighted that the free service is only accessible on the Portal of Myaadhaar portal, as before, there will be a Rs. 50 fee for upgrading papers at physical Aadhaar Centers.

Overview of the Portal

Article AboutMyaadhaar Portal
Name of the PortalMyaadhaar Portal
Ministry NameElectronics and IT Ministry
Started byUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
Free Services Available From15th March 2023 to 14th June 2023

Benefits of Myadhaar Portal

There are many benefits of Myaadhaar Portal. Read the features and benefits of this portal below: –

  • For free owing to a UIDAI Program, the Residents can update their Aadhar Documents Online.
  • on the Myaadhaar Webpage, the free service will be available for the next three months from 15th Mar to 14th June 2023, according to the digital India project.
  • As per the ministry, it will be helpful for the greater ease of life, higher success rate for authentication and better service delivery.
  • The residents can visit to the local Aadhaar center, where regular fees could apply, or use the constant online update service if they require to alter their analytical details.
  • The citizens can also use the free service, with their Aadhaar Number doing login onto portal.
  • The state and central government managed around 1,200 government schemes and programs, use Aadhaar-Based identification for service delivery, making the Aadhaar number an adequate form of identification for Indian citizens.
  • The Aadhaar is also accustomed by many other service providers, like Financial Institutions such as NBFCs, Banks, to smoothly verify and onboard purchasers.
  • The Holders of Aadhaar number are permitted, under the Aadhaar enrollment and upgrading regulations, 2016, to update their helping papers in their Aadhaar at least once every ten years after the date of enrollment to keep the correctness of their details.
  • All those Applicants whose Aadhaar was provided exceeding ten years ago and has never been updated with specially advantage from their approach.
  • On the UIDAI Website, the List of present and approved papers can be seen.

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How to Update Aadhaar Card on Myaadhaar Portal Online?

In order to update the Aadhaar Documents on the portal of Myaadhaar you need to follow the details that we have provided below.

  • Visit to the myaadhaar Portal Official Website i.e.,
  • Homepage of the website will open.
  • Click on the tab of Login.
  • The login page will show up.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Provide your captcha code
  • Click on the button of Send OTP.
  • The OTP will be sent of your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP that you received, to get logged in to your registered account.
  • Then the dashboard of your account will open.
  • Here, click on the tab of document update.
  • The applicants’ current details will show up.
  • You need to review and recheck all the information carefully.
  • Also upload the required details that are needed to be updated.
  • Then, click on the button of submit to save the changes.

How to File a Complaint on Myaadhaar Portal?

If you want to file a complaint on the Myaadhaar Portal then you have to follow some very simple steps. The steps are as follows: –

  • Visit to the official website of the Maaadhaar Portal i.e.
  • On the homepage, click on the tab of File A Complaint.
  • The form of the complaint will show up.
  • Here, fill all the asked details such as your full name, email id, mobile number, complaint type, state.
  • Also upload the required documents.
  • And then enter the captcha code.
  • At the end click on the button of submit.

How to Track Grievance Status?

If you want to do track your Grievance Status then you can follow the steps that we have provided below. The steps are as follows: –

  • Firstly, visit to the official website of myaadhaar Portal i.e.
  • Here, click on the option called Check Complaint Status.
  • Then, a new page will open.
  • Here, enter your SRN and Captcha Code.
  • After this click on the button of Submit, in order to track the grievance on the Myaadhaar Portal.

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