KOZ Global Audition 2023 Registration Process, Qualification

Details About KOZ Global Audition 2023 Registration, Qualification, Schedule, Categories, Application Time Period, Artists, Announcement.

KOZ Global Audition 2023 Registration

KOZ Entertainment is a south Korean Record Label which was founded in 2019 by the Zico. The HYBE company has acquired KOZ Entertainment on 18th Nov 2020 and now it is a HYBE Subsidiary.

Overview of the KOZ Global Audition 2023

Article AboutKOZ Global Audition Registration Process
AuditionKOZ Entertainment Global Audition
Subsidiary ofHYBE
Subsidiary Founded On11th Jan 2019
PlaceSeoul, South Korea

Application Time Period

  • The application period varies depending on the city.


  • Anyone who is born in the 2006 and later is qualified to give audition for this audition.
  • A person of any gender and any nationalities can give audition.


There are many categories from which a person have to choose one category to give audition in. The following categories are: –

  • Vocal,
  • Rap,
  • Dance,
  • Musical Instrument,
  • Composition.
  • Vocal, Rap: – a person have to sing without the background music.
  • Dance: – The applicant is required to bring their own music on a cellphone.
  • Composition: – applicant have to bring their own work file and play it on -site.
  • Musical Instrument: – Applicant need to bring their own musical instrument and then have to perform it on -site.

The performances in any categories in which an applicant wants to perform must be within only one minute.


  • 20th Aug 2023: – Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York.



  • BOYNEXTDOOR (2023 – Present)


  • Dvwn
  • Zico

Project Groups

  • FANXY CHILD (2019-Present)


  • Kim ◯-ju (2021-present)
  • Hwang Hyunsung (2020-present)
  • Jeong Hajun (2022-Present)

Former Artists


  • Kim Hyeonbin (2020)
  • Choi Jiwoo (2020)


  • Penomeco (2020-2021)

Audition Process

  • A person need to firstly, complete the application form via the google forms on the official website of KOZ at the time of pre-application period.
  • Then you will receive an email which will be confirmation email for the on-site global audition.
  • On the specified date which is provided in the email, you have to attend the on-site global audition.


  • The KOZ Global audition 2023 is an offline event. So, the applicants are advised to check the city where the audition will be held.
  • And the walk-in applicants will not be accepted.
  • After the audition, the further details regarding audition will be sent individually through email to only those applicants who will pass the first online pre-applications.
  • If the applicant do not meet the qualifications then he will not get separate email notifications.
  • An applicant is required to bring a valid form of identification such as student ID Card, ID Card, passport.

KOZ Audition Registration 2023 Process

  • Visit to the official website of the KOZ i.e., kozofficial.com
  • Here select the Audition option.
  • Then select the global audition option.
  • Scroll Down, here you will see the option of “Apply for Audition LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK” AND “Apply for Audition TORONTO / VANCOUVER”.
  • Click on any one option.
  • In the next page, read the provided information and to carry forward to apply for audition, Click on the circle in front of Yes, I Agree option.
  • Then, click on next button.
  • Here read the agreement and click on Yes, I Agree button. and click on Next button.
  • Then carry forward with accepting the consent to cross-border transfer of personal information and click on next button.
  • After that, select your age option.
  • click on next.
  • Then, provide your email address, city of participation, Application of Category, Your first and last name, Date of Birth, Gender, Height/weight, Nationality/Residential address, Cell phone number, Social Media ID, Messenger channel ID.
  • Also upload upper body shot, a picture to show face shall be attached.
  • Attach a video showing a specialty like dancing, singing etc.
  • Provide the details if you have any related experience of trainee/casting etc.
  • And provide all the asked details and then click on next button.
  • In order to appear for the audition complete this form correctly and submit it.
  • This is how you can apply for the KOZ Entertaining Global audition 2023.

Audition Registration Category Link: – Click Here

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