How to Make Gap Certificate Online? Required Documents

How to Make Gap Certificate Online? Required Documents for making gap certificate, Online and Offline Gap Certificate Process.

There are lots of students who take gap in between their studies due to various reasons and that is why thy need gap certificate to resume their studies. If a person wants to take admission in any institute and college to start their studies after a gap then they need to show their gap certificate. The reason of leaving the studies in between must be mentioned in the gap certificate. All those people who have left their studies in between because of any reason and now wants to continue then you can read the complete below article that how you can make your gap certificate and other details regarding this. So, go through the complete below article.

How to Make Gap Certificate Online?

The Gap Certificate is a kind of proof, in which the gap that you have taken in between your studies in mentioned. And the reason of your taking a gap is also mentioned in it. It is a kind of non-judicial stamp paper which is a self-written statement. In this you have to tell that you have taken a gap in your education. Reason of the of taking a gap. a person can continue their studies with the help of this gap certificate. from a lawyer or a registrar, this gap certificate can be made easily. If a person need that he can also apply for the Gap certificate online by visiting to the official website.

If a person have to take a gap of one or two years after their 12th class, and after that they want to do any course, then they need a gap certificate at the time of college admission. When a person taken admission in any college or any university then they need to provide the reason of leaving studies in between. For a gap certificate, a person can get stamp paper made from lawyer for Rs. 100 or Rs. 200.

And can register the reason on that stamp paper. At the time of making the gap certificate a person have to provide all the educational documents so that the admission authority will know that whatever the details you are providing is true. And after that you have to submit the gap certificate at the time of admission in the college. Through the gap certificate a person can easily get admission.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Degree Certificate
  • Mark Sheet
  • Identity Card
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Birth Certificate.

Reasons for Making Gap Certificate

There can be any reasons for making a gap certificate. Some of the reasons has been provided by us in the below article: –

  • A gap has to be taken in studies due to financial problem.
  • Due to some family emergency.
  • Some parents get married early. Because of that a big gap to leave studies.
  • Education is not completed even after acquiring job. and because of that there is a gap in studies.
  • Due to medical or health emergency
  • Some people starts their business before completing their studies that can also be one of the reason of leaving studies in between.

Online Process of Making a Gap Certificate

  • Firstly, visit to the Official Website of the
  • Then, you will see the gap certificate form on the home page.
  • Enter the asked details in this form.
  • Then, select your state, Address, Father’s Name, Date of Passing, Education Details, Stamp Paper Cost etc.
  • After that, click on the Add to Cart Option.
  • Your Online Payment will be done once you click on it.
  • Then, the applying process for your gap certificate will be completed.
  • After the gap certificate is generated and it will be sent to your address.

Offline Process of Making a Gap Certificate

An interested applicant can make their gap certificate by online or offline mode. In order to get an offline gap certificate, you need a stamp paper of 50 rupees to 100 rupees and a person will also be able to take Rs. 10 stamp paper for the gap certificate.

You can acquire the offline certificate made from a lawyer. For gap certificate, a person will have to acquire typing done on stamp paper with a typewriter. That what is the reason for the gap on the stamp paper? There must be a proper reason. After getting the stamp paper typed, you will acquire the stamp and stamp done by the lawyer. Means you have to acquire it notarized on stamp paper. For that you may have to pay 50 to 100 Rupees to the lawyer. After that, your gap certificate will be created offline.

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