Fino Mitra Registration Process, Requirements

Fino Mitra Registration Process, Requirements, Certification and Training, Establishing Your Fino Mitra Store, Commission and Rewards, Assistance.

Are you interested in joining a network of businesspeople called Fino Mitras and strengthening communities through financial inclusion? Through the innovative Fino Mitra programme, the Fino Payments Bank in India enables people to work as banking service agents and offer a range of financial services to their local communities. This post will walk you through the procedures necessary to sign up for Fino Mitra and walk you through the registration process.

The revolutionary Fino Mitra programme was introduced by Fino Payments Bank with the goal of bringing banking and financial services to India’s semi-urban and rural last mile. As banking service agents, Fino Mitras offer a variety of services including account opening, cash in and outs, money transfers, insurance, and more. Individuals can promote financial inclusion and generate a stable income by signing up to become Fino Mitras.


  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • Person must be twenty one years old or above.
  • 10th grade should be the very minimum of your schooling.
  • Preferable is a basic understanding of banking and financial services.
  • You must be morally upright and have a good reputation.

Fino Mitra Registration Process

To register to become a Fino Mitra, follow the simple steps below. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the Fino Payments Bank website in step one.
  • Go to the Fino Mitra section of the Fino Payments Bank’s official website. The registration link is prominently displayed on their homepage.

Fill out the Online Application Form

  • Select the registration link, then accurately enter your contact and personal details in the online application form. Provide details such as your name, address, mobile number, email, and work experience in banking or industry related to financial.

Send in the Necessary Documents

  • You must upload scanned copies of specific documents for verification after completing the application form. The documents on the list could be:
  • Identity documentation, such as an Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or Voter ID (Ration Cards, Utility Bills, etc.) as evidence of address
  • A picture the size of a passport

Educational Diplomas

  • Before beginning the registration procedure, make sure you have scanned copies of these documents available.

Examine and Send

  • Make sure the data on the application form is accurate by carefully reviewing it. and then send the form in to be processed.

Document Verification

  • The Fino Payments Bank team will check the documentation you’ve provided after you’ve submitted your application. You will get an email or text message informing you about your application progress during this process, it can take some days.
  • Make sure all of the documents you submit are legitimate, understandable, and readable. Your application could be rejected if there are any contradictions or gaps in the material.

Certification and Training

  • After your documents have been successfully verified, you will need to go through training and certification in order to become a licenced Fino Mitra. The training course will give you the relevant information.
  • The Fino Payments Bank training programme is intended to acquaint you with the various financial services and systems that the bank provides. It includes information on things like customer service, digital transactions, and financial operations.
  • The training can be delivered using online courses, hands-on exercises, in-person details. It aims to make sure you fully comprehend banking procedures and are prepared to properly service your clients.
  • You will require to clear a certification exam to prove your proficiency after finishing the training. The certification is crucial because it confirms your authority as a Fino Mitra and fosters client confidence.

Establishing Your Fino Mitra Store

You can start setting up your Fino Mitra outlet after successfully completing the programme and earning the certification. Here, you will offer banking services to the locals and serve as a point of contact between Fino Payments Bank and the clients.

The essential infrastructure, including a biometric device, a micro-ATM, and other financial tools, will be given to you by the bank. Additionally, you will receive assistance with branding and marketing to advertise your business and draw clients.

The location of your shop must be carefully considered; ideally, it should be in a place where there is high foot traffic but little access to financial services. By doing this, you can guarantee a consistent flow of clients and significantly contribute to the expansion of financial services into underserved regions.

Commission and Rewards

You will receive a commission as a Fino Mitra for the various financial services you offer. According to the transaction nature and the amount of new business created, the commission structure could change. Your earnings increase as you execute more transactions.

Fino Payments Bank provides a variety of incentives and rewards in addition to the commission to encourage and reward the best Fino Mitras. Cash bonuses, performance-based prizes, and chances for career advancement within the Fino Mitra network are a few examples of these perks.


Fino Payments Bank is aware of the value of continual help and support for Fino Mitras. They offer specialised helplines and a strong customer care system to handle any questions or problems you could have while running your business.

To keep up with the most recent advancements in banking and financial services, you will also have access to regular training updates and educational materials.


What advantages do Fino Mitras receive?

  • You can support financial inclusion while generating a stable income by becoming a Fino Mitra. You also get assistance, rewards, and chances to advance your career.

Is prior banking knowledge required to work as a Fino Mitra?

  • Although it is preferable, prior banking experience is not required. It aids to have a basic banking and financial services knowledge.

Can I decide where my Fino Mitra store will be located?

  • Yes, you can base your placement decision on tactical factors and the accessibility of potential clients.

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